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Commiefornia, Is It A Lost Cause?

Exclusive: California School Bans “Racially Insensitive” National Anthem at Assemblies – Parent Speaks Out on the Latest Insanity

February 14, 2018 by Jim Hoft 2 Comments

This week the San Ramon High School in California announced it would no longer play the National Anthem at school rallies.

Student body president Ariyana Kermanizadeh said the anthem finds joy in killing African-Americans.

Student leaders at the high school decided the US national anthem was racially insensitive. And, of course, the teachers all agreed with the decision and made it a new policy to ban the national anthem.

This is the modern day left.

A parent at the high school wrote The Gateway Pundit hoping to see more light shed on this social justice insanity.

I’m hoping to draw further attention to a significant problem at California High School in San Ramon, California. Todd Starnes at Fox News has already addressed this in part but I would like to see more light shed on this in an effort to bring additional pressure on the anti-American liberals who run the school and district.

I am the father of a student at the school, and when my eldest son came home and told me about this I was outraged. Effectively a handful of disgruntled snowflakes did not like a reference to “the hireling and slave” in the third verse of the Star-Spangled Banner. As a result, the national anthem will no longer be played at student gatherings. The school administration put out a piece this afternoon claiming that they were attempting to be inclusive and mindful of issues which may make some students uncomfortable. Of course, they don’t take the feelings of the mainstream into account with their radicalized agenda on issues involving gender or other hot topics. It seems that only the left is given the benefit of the doubt on these things. Frankly, I’m tired of being on the defensive.

So he-she wrote us to bring more attention to the story.
We are happy to oblige…


Call this treasonous Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis’ Chambers

Let him know that as an American you are offended by his arrogant “politically motivated” challenge of the March 5 deadline to end or continue DACA and Americans have already spoken on the matter! They voted Donald Trump in to end it! #NODACA #NOAMNESTY

Leave a message with his clerk here:

Chambers Phone: (718) 613-2540

Here is his left leaning mentally deranged thinking on the matter. He clearly is devoid of discerning fact over fiction.

The question before the court is thus not whether defendants could end the DACA program, but whether they offered legally adequate reasons for doing so,” wrote Judge Garaufis, a Clinton appointee to the court in New York. “Based on its review of the record before it, the court concludes that defendants have not done so.”

This judge is a liar and a Clintonite groupie who are all now embroiled in a Congressional investigation of lawlessness, undermining the rule of law and outright treason.

DACA was first and foremost unconstitutional, it was also temporary and it needs to be eradicated beginning to end. We already take in and vet one million immigrants per year and have so for decades upon decades upon decades.

DACA recipients ARE NOT citizens and therefore have no right to our courts, our benefits, schools, medicine and everything else because they are ‘ILLEGALLY HERE’ due to an improper act by President Obama. Congress never cleared DACA, they voted against it and Barry (also under investigation for treason) signed a paper and did it in spite of Americans regardless that he had no standing to do so.

DACA recipients have had years to become citizens but didn’t. Why? Because they are not here for America, they are here to take advantage of our better living and fully intend on undermining the rule of law. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, how is it that immigrants, unlawfully living here, can make demands on the citizens of America just because they say so?

This is not about human rights, it is about respect. Take a good hard look at these DACA recipients. They are healthy, educated and are adults, not children. If you want to become a citizen, GET IN LINE! Becoming a citizen in America is a privilege, not a right unless you are actually born here, which none of you were. It’s just that simple.

DACA recipient: Ask your parents why they did this to you?; Ask them why they aren’t citizens?; Ask yourselves why aren’t you?

Here is what people who have been in Judge Garaufis’ courtroom have to say about him. Mind you it’s ALL negative from lawyers and participants including the jury. By all signs he is a political activist who has weaponized his position. He needs to be impeached, recalled or just fired, even if it is a lifetime appointment. Treason is as Treason does.

There’s more comments on the site, (link below):

Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis
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District Judge
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Civil Litigation – Private

Comment #: 24216
Rating:Not Rated
Unstable, vindictive, biased, with a nasty temperament. Other than that, he’s a good judge.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 13177
A good person who really has no business being in the crucible of knowledgeable and fair decision-making of a federal courtroom. Makes rulings with an error ratio that is higher than if he simply flipped a coin. You never know whether you will get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde each time he takes the bench.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 12264
Just doesn’t get how important a role he can play…clueless and venal.


Comment #: 12132
His humiliation of the Asian woman who truthfully answered questions on her jury questionnaire more than aptly demonstrates his politically correct liberal view. He is UNFIT to serve in any capacity of government. Remove that piece of trash from the bench!


Comment #: 10106
Rating:Not Rated
Given these lawyer comments, why is this guy not being looked into by whatever Senators or judicial authorities tasked with the responsibility to do something. Lifetime appointment can’t possibly mean lifetime no matter what…


Comment #: 9999
Rating:Not Rated
To the one who posted comment # 9938, don’t know if it’s the same incident you refer to but I too heard that this judge sent U.S. Marshals to someone’s home solely because the guy had telephoned his chambers – the guy had done nothing wrong or threatening and was polite. It was very intimidating. The judge must think he’s on the bench in some third world dictatorship.

Civil Litigation – Private

Comment #: 9939
A real treasure on the bench-he should be buried. No inkling of what a fair and impartial jurist is. Will bend over backwards to accomodate Gov’t. Will go out of his way to screw any other litigant. Once he forms an idea-no matter how absurd, he does not re-consider. Just pile more fertilizer on top and hope something grows.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 9938
This judge holds litigants to a strict and inflexible time schedule. however, when he is expected to rule he takes his sweet time and often comes to the wrong conclusion. He is extremely pro-government and inclined to judicial activism. Has no clue about the rules of evidence, civil rights violations or, what the US Constitution is really about. Readily dismisses civil rights claims against prosecutors and law enforcement. Uses the US Marshall’s Office to intimidate litigants. A real spineless coward by definition.

Civil Litigation – Private

Comment #: 9902
Intellectual lightweight and an activist who doesn’t belong on the bench.

Click here to see more: http://go.shr.lc/2GcrPOW

Prophecy watchers: Why are pope, Turk leader meeting over Jerusalem?

Of course they are, what do you expect from the pit of the AntiChrist Fire Starters  – this is NOT what real Christians will accept, ever…these two are the devil’s minions, make no mistake.

Pope and Erdogan discuss Jerusalem, Mideast peace

…these two dominant world religions are apparently uniting together against Trump’s controversial Jerusalem decision.

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WASHINGTON – Two rock stars of biblical prophecy with divergent views of future world events sat down for a three-hour debate over whether Islam or the Vatican is going to rule the world leading to the cataclysmic war that results in the return of Jesus to straighten things out.

Then last week the pope welcomed to the Vatican an Islamic world leader attempting to re-establish the Caliphate – with himself in charge. Now they agree that the meeting of Pope Francis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could have world-shaking consequences – whoever is right.

Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, said the future status of Jerusalem was high on the agenda and called for an end to racism, xenophobia, “Islamophobia” and discrimination.

The meeting has been hailed as promising “global peace.”

Taking notice of the unprecedented meeting in the Vatican between one of the world’s most powerful Islamic leaders and the head of the Catholic Church, two famous prophecy watchers – New York Times-bestselling author Joel Richardson and Bill Salus – believe the summit has “biblical significance” and potentially explosive political conseqences.

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Notably, both the pope and Erdogan have been vehement critics of President Trump’s Dec. 6 decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Now they are talking about forming a common agenda of peace, security and friendship.

While Richardson believes the biblical Antichrist will emerge from the Islamic world, Salus believes Rome is the future “Mystery Babylon” mentioned in the Bible.

But a friendly, three-hour debate between the pair has been captured on video – “The Identity of Mystery Babylon – Mecca or Rome?”

Representing nearly three-billion followers between them, these two dominant world religions are apparently uniting together against Trump’s controversial Jerusalem decision. Does this developing alliance between Turkey and the Vatican have potential biblical ramifications?

On that question, they agree it does.

Richardson is best known for his New York Times bestseller, “The Islamic Antichrist,” with his latest on “Mystery Babylon.” Salus have a rich body of work in film and print.