UC-Riverside considering mandatory gender studies course

Teach your children well, they are being indoctrinated to enter into the world with the intent to destroy and tear down the family unit, decency, humanism and individuality.  Universities across this nation have more Marxist Professors than Liberals even at a 12-1 ratio and they are teaching your young adults to hate America and every thing decent.


The science has been in for thousands upon thousands of years, a man is a man, a woman is a woman and there ‘but by the grace of God go I’ will never contest it!  Neither should you.  This topic is to confuse, demean and belittle being human and that is the most despicable and undermining ploy ever implemented by the most vile people on the planet.  The globalist elites, the Soros’, the left, Communism and the rest are creeping up the legs of Lady liberty and it’s time to shed the riff raff and for God’s sake, teach your children the true history of this nation, how to discern and research to determine truths.  You do not need a doctorate to do it. You just need to stop drinking the kool-aid. The next seven generations of Americans are depending on us!  Take your kids out of college, it is no longer higher education.  It is indoctrination of lies trying to fundamentally change the course of America.

Source: UC-Riverside considering mandatory gender studies course


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