Obama Funds Terrorists with Our Tax $$$!


August 3, 2016 Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

Obama Funds Terrorists with Our Tax $$$!

Obama: Major Funder of Terrorist Groups in the Middle East!

Obama/Kerry paid $400M in cash for the ransom of four American prisoners to Iran/IRG!

While Obama denigrates Trump as being unfit for the U.S. presidency, he cleverly forgot to mention to the American taxpayers that our hard earned dollars were being spent to ransom four  American hostages held in captivity by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard [IRG] in Tehran,Iran.

In a recent WSJ article written by Jay Solomon and Carol E. Lee [8/3/16], they point out how the Obama administration secretly airlifted $400M in cash that coincided with the release of four Americans detained in Tehran. Even more disturbing is that Obama had used wooden pallets of euros, Swiss francs, and other currencies procured from the Netherlands and Switzerland central banks and flown in an unmarked cargo plane to Iran.

Apparently this $400M USD ransom was paid as the first installment of $1.7 billion ransom negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry and his team at the Intercontinental Hotel in Switzerland.


As most of you know by now, it is completely illegal for anyone, especially the USG, to pay any type of ransom to any terrorist group/individual as a quid pro quo for a hostage release. Obama paid in Swiss francs, Euros and other currencies in order to skirt another US law which forbids the use of US dollars to pay for any amount of ransom.

Obama along with his choirboys in the CIA [John Brennan], FBI [James Comey] were involved in this complicated transaction. These spymasters knew all too well that the ransom money was going straight to Iran/Hezbollah which fought for Syria’s Bashar Assad as well as against US ground troops in Iraq/Syria.

I have known about this secret transaction for some time now. However, I had to wait until it became public. From the point of view of a hostage negotiator who has been involved in countless terrorist attacks, I find the aforementioned deed reprehensible.

It’s not enough that most of the world leaders consider Obama to be quite weak and ineffectual. Now, Obama has intentionally created an intolerable situation where every American citizen traveling abroad has a prize over his/her head which can be actualized if anyone desires to take them hostage. Obama has created the most devastating hostage situation in over half-a-century.

This POTUS not only bows to the will of a terrorists, but he also abets them by helping them grow exponentially. If one takes a few seconds to understand the absurdity of this situation in which Obama has placed our citizens, we have to conclude that Obama and his CIA/FBI toadies are in fact not only the creator of Al Qaeda, ISIS; but they are also the facilitators of the IRG’s ruthless endeavors to destabilize the Middle East as well as western civilization.

Equally disturbing is that none of our illustrious eunuchs in congress could or would stop POTUS from paying any type of ransom for an American hostage.Trump is not only right that we are in serious trouble and that out POTUS is incompetent, he has repeatedly said that we need to overhaul our WH/National Security apparatus.


Obama has become one of the most pathologically disturbed presidents we have ever had.He creates internal false flags when they don’t exist [Sandy Hook,et.al].He claims victories where none are evident [assassination of OBL].

Now, he has become the devil’s apprentice for increasing the numbers of Christians,Jews, Atheists, Hindus and Muslims that will be murdered over the next months and years.

Hail To Obama, the Terrorist Banker/Facilitator! Long live the tyrant and his court jesters!

In the words of the great German writer/physician, Friedrich von Schiller:

“With stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain.”

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